Halloween Party Creepy Foods …



Is Edward still your favorite V A M P I R E?

How about preparing some creepy foods just to celebrate the next 31st October Halloween?

Ideas for a Halloween party creepy foods  – oct.,2013   Sourcehttp://www.wholefoodsmarket.com/blog/wicked-good-recipes?sf18748101=1

Wicked Good Recipes

By Value Guru, October 17, 2013

“Hosting a party — or séance — this Halloween? Hoping to serve palate-pleasing snacks to your ghosts and goblins without the scary prices? You’re not alone. (Bwahaha!)

For Lily Munsters and Daddy Draculas on the prowl for devilishly delicious recipes that don’t suck their savings dry, here are a few spook-tacular recipes that fit the bill:

 Halloween brownies

Halloween Googly-Eye and Spider Brownie Bites

Get tricked or treated with these rich brownie bites, decorated with honey-sweetened pumpkin and cream cheese frosting.

 Halloween cookies No-Bake Halloween Cookies

Cut these chewy marshmallow and corn flake cookies into other Halloween shapes, too.

 Halloween creepy gingerale_0

Creepy Ginger Ale with Spooky Ice Cubes

Blood-red, raspberry ice cubes are fun for tricks and treats alike. As the ice cubes melt, the soda will turn red!”

R e m i n d e r s

  • Enjoy the ideas of these nice and tasty foods, explore the NEW VOCABULARY from the recipes;
  • play Trick or Treat with this Halloween Story activity => just a  “creepy” suggestion to IMPROVE your English writing skills… Here we go:

JOE and DONNA are going to the HAUNTED HOUSE
It is 12 o´clock at nigh. They go into the KITCHEN

There are some SPIDER sandwiches on the table.. They eat the 
sandwiches and drink GREEN milk. Now they are going into the 
bedroom… There are some FROGS and BATS in the room… They play 
BASKETBALL with the spiders. There is also a BIG BOX in the room… They open the BIG BOX and find a  G H O S T …? a S N A K E… ? a DRAGON… ?

CONTINUE or REWRITE the story and have FUN!  Happy Halloween!!!


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