Simple Present Verbs

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English Tips (G1)  

He  /She /It  

This is a regular doubt students usually have at Elementary level. Here´s a summary to help:

General verbs add  “S”:  He WorkS, She LiveS, It ChangeS

Verbs ending in Y after a consonant letter change the Y to IES:

Fly     => FlIES  – He flies alone.

Study => StudIES – She studies English at home.

OBS.: a) Verbs ending in Y after a vowel  letter  add  “S”:

She buyS clothes every month.

He playS the piano very well.

b) Verb Have:   He/She/It  HAS

Verbs ending in O, CH, SH, SS, X  add ES:

Go       => GoES:       The train goES to London.

Do        => DoES:        He doES the homework at night.

Watch  => WatchES:  Jane watchES movies with friends.

Wash   => WashES:    He washES the dishes after dinner.

Miss     => MissES:     She missES her family in Japan.

Fix        => FixES:       He fixES his own car.

TASK => use your skills

  • Write about your family routine in the city you live and share with friends. Publish it in your blog or company´s bulletin. Mention: location, the weather, things you usually like to do there. Include a picture to give your work some style. Enjoy!

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