Verbs in English auxiliary and modal

When learning verbs in English it is common that students have doubts about the auxiliary verb to be used with tenses. Here some useful information:

  1. Auxiliary Verb – a verb that is used with another verb to show its tense, person, mood etc. In English the auxiliary verbs are: BE, DO and HAVE (and the modals). Examples:

I am going to school (Be =>Present Progressive); We don´t work (Do =>Simple Present); She didn´t play (Did =>Past Simple, negative form); They have gone (Have =>Present Perfect)

OBS.: notice that the verbs BE (ser/estar), DO (fazer) and HAVE (ter) are also irregular verbs with a proper meaning in common sentences like:

We are American (somos americanos), I was tired (Eu estava cansado/a);

I do homework (eu faço lição de casa), She did the exercise (Ela fez o exercício)

They have a car (eles tem um carro), You had a problem (Voce teve um problema)

2. Modal Verbs – one of these verb forms: CAN, COULD, MAY, MIGHT,, WILL, WOULD, SHOULD, MUST etc. They are used with other verbs to express ideas of possibility “It might rain”, permission “Can I park here?” or intention “We would go”.

The modal verbs are used in sentences with another verb in the base form “without to” as in the examples above.

Now, put these auxiliary, modal and irregular form verbs from the list in the 3 columns below according to their use: verbs-auxiliary-and-modals-word-cloud-2-06feb2017-imgAuxiliary                                   Modal                                   Irregular verb





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